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Cloud Solution to capture a reliable model of your facilities

Our Mission

Samp makes industrial sites more efficient and sustainable by transforming the way they are managed.

At Samp, we believe that a sustainable environmental and energy transition starts with quickly modernizing our existing industrial facilities. We are convinced that our solution can contribute!

Current environmental and economical challenges urge owners and operators to adapt much quicker than ever before. And yet, the pace at which a site can evolve is greatly limited by highly inefficient tools and processes.

Samp reduces to a few hours – instead of weeks or months – the time to prepare, execute and capture any intervention on site. On our online platform, all teams speak the same language, consolidated around an an always up-to-date digital twin of as-built equipment & systems. Our solution enables the next generation of asset management approach, enabling facilities to constantly adapt to modern challenges.

A simple process to your 3D Digital Backbone

Perform a simple scan of the facility using standard techniques available on the market (i.e. laser scans, photogrammetry, smartphone, etc.).
Using our APIs, synchronize the platform with your legacy data without any migration.
All 1D/2D/3D data are automatically integrated around a single 3D backbone, without any remodelling.
All stakeholders now speak the same language on our unique Cloud Platform.
We are Samp

Our multicultural team combines a wide range of expertise, both industrial and academic.

Laurent Bourgouin

Co-founder & CEO

Shivani Shah

Co-founder & CTO

Guillaume Delarue

VP Engineering

Thomas Grand

COO & Head of Sales

Chayan Toufan Tabrizi

3D Machine Learning Engineer

Alexandre Pierson

Developer Fullstack

David Gayerie

Lead Developer

Nachwa Bakr, PhD

3D Machine Learning R&D Engineer

Maxime Franchot

Fullstack Developer

Pascal Poulain

Associate / Expert consultant in Web 3D

Dominique Gardy


Loic Landrieu


Samp est lauréat i-Lab 2021 !

Pour notre toute première participation, Samp est lauréat du prestigieux concours national d’innovation i-Lab, organisé par le Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de

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Laurent Bourgouin (CEO)

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