11 industrial sectors behind a $12 trillion demand for net-zero offerings

Tomorrow’s net zero and circular economy will be different from today’s linear, carbon-intensive economy.

The transition to circularity and net zero will involve profound changes. A McKinsey analysis identifies the value chains and industries that would be most impacted by these changes.

These dynamics of change are already underway. In sectors such as energy, materials, utilities, food and packaging, the demand for sustainable solutions is accelerating.

This graph represents the 11 sectors with high value potential that would be at the heart of decarbonization and circular transition. Most of them are at core Samp markets.

graphique 11 industrial sectors behind a $12 trillion demand for net-zero offerings

At Samp, our focus is to help manufacturers adapt their facilities more quickly to large changes, in order to reduce their emissions as quickly as possible and make them capable of handling circular flows of raw materials.

These changes imply deep modifications of industrial sites. These major projects can benefit from greater execution certainty, improved efficiency and unrivalled safety by systematizing the proper management of as-built technical information.

This is our core business at Samp, and we are thrilled to be catalysts of this sustainable transformation.

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Read the full original McKinsey report here:

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