About Us

Industry thought leadership meets Machine Learning expertise

We are Samp

Our multicultural team combines a wide range of expertise, both industrial and academic.

Laurent Bourgouin

Co-founder & CEO

PhD and over 15 years of experience in the energy industry. He has occupied several key roles within various large organizations, like ENGIE and Wood Plc. He was then Technical Director for Dassault Systèmes.

Shivani Shah

Co-founder & CTO

Masters Degree from Grenoble INP and a PhD from CEA Saclay.
Her research focuses on topic of Unsupervised Machine Learning for Large Datasets. She has extended experience with Graphs for solving Machine Learning tasks on several types of datasets

Dominique Gardy


Former senior executive at Shell with 40+ years of experience both in Finance and Operations across the world. He was also a senior advisor at Bain & Company.

Suhas P Bhagwat

37 years of experience mainly for Large EPC Projects in Oil & Gas sector. He has steered the implementation of Digital Solutions and is a consultant for application of VR / AR in the industry.

Loic Landrieu

Loic is an academic expert in large-scale remote sensing applications such as semantization of LiDAR point clouds. Loic holds an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique and a Ph.D. from ENS.

Our Story

After her Ph.D., Shivani (now co-founder and CTO) wanted to solve deep technical problems and apply her unique Machine Learning expertise to tackle some of the major societal challenges. Energy was at the top of her list!

Laurent (now co-founder and CEO) had been working for large companies in the energy industry for 15 years, experiencing the major challenges faced by this industry, needing a major shift. Willing to maximize his impact, he decided to embrace an entrepreneurial journey.

Shivani and Laurent met within Entrepreneur First – a “deep tech” accelerator and investment facility that aims to develop new innovations across a range of frontier technologies.

While having a coffee in Station F (in Paris, France), Laurent was expressing his frustration about a simple fact: “we will not succeed in transitioning a to clean energy world if we do not properly manage the upgrade of our existing large industrial facilities! And yet, how can we modify these sites when even operators themselves rely upon incomplete and outdated knowledge of their own plants?!”

After listening to this, Shivani showed to Laurent a couple of videos of very recent developments in Autonomous Cars and Video Games where Machine Learning combined with laser scans could intelligently capture the reality. The expertise acquired during her Ph. D. enables her to transfer this capability to large energy facilities.

It was obvious to both of them that they shared a common excitement: together, they would build a solution to capture from the field an accurate model of facilities and share it with all players to facilitate the modernization of industrial sites. Samp was born!