A cloud platorm where all teams speak the same language

Samp unifies all technical data around a 3D backbone anchored in the reality

Our Solution combines:

Have you ever wished to transform the way your facilities are managed by

With Samp, now U.C.A.N.!

[ UPLOAD ] your 3D scans to the platform

[ CONNECT ] your legacy 1D (documents & databases) and 2D (schematics & plans) data using our APIs

[ AGGREGATE AND UNIFY ] all 1D/2D/3D data around a single 3D backbone, automatically, without any remodelling

[ NAVIGATE AND COLLABORATE ] online on a unique platform where all stakeholders speak the same language!

What makes our tech unique

1D/2D/3D automatic consolidation

1D/2D/3D automatic consolidation

Our unique Multimodal Graph Alignment technology reads Cloud of Points, Diagrams (i.e. P&IDs), Breakdown Structures, Documents and automatically aligns them

Deliverables from all teams are synchronized to ensure full consistency

No remodelling

No remodelling

Our 3D Deep Learning algorithms perform automatic segmentation and semantization of your Cloud of Points

Benefit from the full power of intelligent 3D without needing to perform any CAD remodeling

Always up-to-date

Always up-to-date

Our workflows allow you to locally rescan small areas of your facility with your preferred acquisition solution (Lidar, smartphone-based photogrammetry, drones, etc) and directly update your 3D backbone

Update you referential in a matter of hours following a modification on site

Your legacy data stays where it is

Your legacy data stays where it is

Our set of APIs connect to your legacy system and fetch data directly from where it is stored

Start enhancing your legacy data from Day 1, avoiding heavy and risky migration

Laurent Bourgouin (CEO)

What can you expect
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