Compliance with the GDPR

The Samp website is compliant with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation.

Protecting your privacy

We comply with the rules protecting the privacy of visitors to our website. Click here to learn about the precautions we have taken to protect your privacy.

Secure communications

When you give us your details on our website via the contact form, they are encrypted via a SSL certificate (https) to ensure they are secure.

Transmitted data

The data transmitted via our contact form is stored on our database for a maximum period of one year, then it is deleted.
A copy of the transmitted data is sent to the email address you gave on the contact form.
This confirmation email sent to you contains a link which you can use to delete your personal data with one mouse click.

When you make a booking, your data is stored so that we can process your request. It is deleted one year later if you have not made another booking by then.

Protection of your data protection rights

Our website and its hosting are covered by a maintenance contract to ensure they are kept technically up to date and that security risks are avoided.
The data transmitted via the contact form is stored on our server. In addition to the procedure we have set up to enable you to check and delete this data, you are free to contact us via our contact form to:

  • Check that your data has been deleted;
  • Check that your transmitted data is correct;
  • Correct your transmitted data;
  • Ask any question you may have about the processing of your personal data.

To contact us, please use the contact form.

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What can you expect
from a demo with SAMP?

Scanning Services

Extend the reach of your scanning services by delivering your scanning campaigns on a purely web-based portal, designed from the ground up for the industry. Leverage your surveying and topographic expertise to consolidate valuable field data into a single viewer: maps, aerial and drone orthophotos, laser scans, photogrammetry or videogrammetry, and georadar can now be securely viewed, updated and shared in one place.

Engineering services, EPC

Upscale the value of your engineering services offering by delivering digital twin as a service, powered by your qualified staff. Improve customer retention with longer-term contracts that ensure continuous synchronization of technical documentation with the as-built facility. Accelerate or automate the production of technical deliverables when working on brownfield projects with little or no existing input information.


When preparing a quote for operating a facility on behalf of the owner, be sure to maximize that short window of time by taking advantage of as much technical information as possible. Turn your initial site visit into a unique opportunity to capture the current condition of the facility. Make a bid that will beat the competition with an already operational digital twin, while giving you increased confidence in your future service contract margins.


Whether you manage a single plant or a fleet of sites, whether your facilities are on-shore or off-shore, we can help you build and maintain a twin within days. Major milestones in a plant’s lifecycle, such as handover from EPC to operator, change of ownership, revamping or decommissioning, provide an opportunity to implement a safer and more efficient way of working with your extended teams, regardless of the quality of your technical data.