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Samp unifies all technical data around a 3D backbone anchored in the reality

A clear project


Fully deployed in a few days

no matter your data consistency


Unlimited number of users

to facilitate project collaboration


Clear price per tag

so that you control your scope and budget

Automatically updated

soon after new site data is uploaded

No need for integrations

to deliver immediate value, works standalone

APIs connect to systems of record

later if desired, to deliver extra value

A fast onboarding

Sign in online

upload time

Upload 3D point clouds (and P&IDs)


  • 3D point cloud: E57
    • structured or not
    • geopositioned if available
  • Optional:
    • 2D P&ID: DEXPI (or SVG DWG PDF)
    • 1D tags hierarchy: CSV XLS XML
    • GEOTIFF orthophoto & terrain model
upload time

next hour

Share them with the streaming web portal

next hour

AI runs

Samp transforms raw data into objects

AI runs

< 48 hours

Hide, show, group, export objects

< 48 hours

3-5 days

Tag, search, map, inventory objects

3-5 days

as needed

Update objects directly from the field

as needed

up to you

Connect objects to your systems

up to you
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