Our Mission

Because our ability as a society to collectively transition to a sustainable world depends upon how we manage our large industrial facilities.

As clearly expressed in the 2019 World Energy Outlook by the International Energy Agency:

“If the world is to turn today’s emissions trend around, it will need to focus not only on new infrastructure but also on the emissions that are “locked in” to existing systems. That means addressing emissions from existing power plants, factories, cargo ships and other capital-intensive infrastructure already in use.” 

Air pollution by sector, 2015 and 2040

Large industrial facilities are constantly being maintained and modernized by many players in order to keep them safe and efficient while dramatically decreasing their environmental footprint. The pace at which these sites need to evolve and adapt is accelerating. However, the owners of such facilities are struggling to keep up. At the source of most issues is the lack of a clear and up-to-date knowledge of the state of the facility. All players then perform their work based on assumptions. These assumptions lead to disastrous consequences. Just in France, there is an industrial accident every 5 hours!

At Samp, it is our mission to provide all industrial players with the right tools, enabling them to make their facilities safe and sustainable!

Our software captures a reliable model of the facility, a “Digital Twin”, and exposes it to all players involved so it becomes a technical hub where all work is planned and executed based on facts, not assumptions. Because the only reliable source of information is the field itself, it all starts from a field capture and comparing “what is actually there” against “what we believe is there”.

Samp’s online digital twins empower the entire network of players working on Capital Facilities (owners, operators, inspectors, contractors, engineering firms, equipment vendors, etc) by bringing certainty when preparing all maintenance and revamping activities.

SAMP’s founders have a unique combination of skills to deliver state-of-the-art digital twins for industrial sites.

Laurent (CEO) has a PhD and over 15 years of experience in the energy industry and has occupied several key roles within various large organizations, including Project Manager for Gas infrastructure, Technology Manager in an engineering firm and Technical Director for software vendor. Moreover, Laurent has lead digital transformation initiatives of major Nuclear and Oil & Gas players.
Shivani (CTO) has Masters in Computer Science and PhD in Unsupervised Machine Learning. The solution for reconstruction from laser scans involves Graphs and Machine Learning methods, which have been the focus of her research during Ph.D.

Laurent Bourgouin (CEO)

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