Samp unifies your technical data around an intelligent as-built 3D streaming portal


Continuously synchronizing reality capture with technical data offers unique benefits

Reduced site visits and work exposure

Less site visits and work exposure

Prepare more effectively for field work in an interactive way with remote teams.


Cost-effective engineering studies

Retrieve and understand all site data faster, easily identify inconsistencies.

Minimized service contracts amendments

Minimized service contract amendments

Continuously update asset information as changes occur on site.


Increased plant uptime thanks to faster maintenance

Perform lock-out tag-out and commissioning procedures faster.

Optimized site trainiging procedures

Optimized site training procedures & handover

Train staff and subcontractors faster by virtually rehearsing procedures.

Improved safety, auditability and compliance

Improved safety, auditability and compliance

Improve shift change meetings and emergency preparedness.

Better brand perception by younger workforce and community

Better brand perception by younger workforce and community

Upgrade the daily work experience of your teams with trusted 3D for all.

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What makes Samp unique

1D 2D 3D automatic consolidation

1D/2D/3D automatic consolidation

Our patented technology reads 3D point clouds, P&IDs, equipment lists, and automatically aligns them.

Deliverables from all teams are synchronized to ensure full consistency

No remodelling

No remodelling

Our 3D Deep Learning algorithms automatically interpret your Point Clouds in a matter of hours. No need to remodel, you see source data

Benefit from the power of intelligent 3D without remodeling

Always up to date

Always up-to-date

Our workflows allow you to locally rescan small areas of your facility with your preferred acquisition solution (Lidar, smartphone-based photogrammetry, drones, etc) and directly update your streaming portal

Update your Digital Twin in a matter of hours following a modification on site

1D 2D 3D automatic consolidation

Your legacy data stays where it is

If desired, even after a standalone deployment, our set of APIs connect to your legacy system and fetch data directly from where it is stored

Start enhancing your legacy data from day 1, avoiding any migration

Features overview

  • Sat / plane / drone / maps fusion
  • 1D/2D/3D navigation & cross-highlight
  • Buried networks visualization
  • 3D measurements
  • Search engine
  • 3D BI (classification, completion, orphans)
  • Dangerous points (asbestos / lead / other)
  • Inspection points
  • Explosive zones
  • Confined spaces
  • Sensor data display
  • Lock Out Tag Out assistance
  • In-context CAD review
  • Temporary equipment kinematic simulation
  • 3D annotations (per project, exportable)
  • Automatic inventories & comparisons
  • User access control per role
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Work exposure

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Reduction in the number of pre-project site visits

Contract amendments

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Reduction in contract service amendment

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