This month, our digital industrial startup enters its third year. It’s time to reflect on some of its accomplishments, and the road ahead for this new year.

Samp’s multicultural team now numbers a dozen people, mixing experienced talents and bright juniors, spread over half a dozen sites. The mission that unites us is to be a catalyst for sustainable transformation, as our offering disrupts the way industrial facilities are managed and modernized. As always, we continue to welcome applicants from all countries.


Since our inception, we have engaged in a systematic process of market discovery, regularly bringing our prospects together in work groups. We now have a good understanding of the personas we want to serve and the winning use cases that help reduce emissions, leakage, downtime, accidents and workforce attrition.

Our direct customers are industrial operators. In addition, a growing number of service companies around them are approaching us to establish go-to-market partnerships: engineering services companies, laser scanning professionals, inspection and certification companies. Our straightforward pricing model allows them to differentiate their digital service offerings around a scalable solution.


On the product side, intellectual property has been developed, acquired and patented on the Artificial Intelligence side and the 3D streaming front. A constant focus on perfecting the user experience has facilitated the onboarding of our early adopters, and the executive sponsorship towards expansion to more sites.

Stay tuned for more news and watch for events in 2022 where we can meet. Our goal now is to get the word out about our “self-service” industrial digital twins. This year we also plan to roll out our first project across the Atlantic, as the North American market is showing a strong appetite for our super-pragmatic solution.

Finally, Samp meaning “unity” in Gujarati (language native to the Indian state of Gujarat), in these troubled times , we can only call for peace, even more so between peoples with strong ties who have not sought war.


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