Laurent Bourgouin

Laurent Bourgouin

Co-founder & CEO

Laurent has over 15 years of experience in the Energy sector which could be summarized in 1 sentence: “Laurent tries to do his part in the energy transition by being pragmatic in applying new technologies in this industry”. Specifically, Laurent has been a strong advocate for adopting tangible innovations in the historically conservative sector of large industrial facilities. He applied this moto in various roles and organizations throughout his career:

– After a Mechanical Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale, Laurent did a Ph.D. in numerical simulation at the University of Queensland, Australia. Having grasped the power of modeling complex objects and systems, Laurent decided to apply his skills to improve the management of industrial assets.

– He joined the major energy operator ENGIE (at that time “Gaz de France”) as project manager in their Center of Expertise, in charge of developing new ways of designing and maintaining gas infrastructure. Managing a team of 10 engineers and lab technicians, this role gave Laurent the opportunity to live amazing experiences such as leading a pipeline rehabilitation project, negotiating with the French government about a new seismic regulation or developing decision aid tools sold to several operators around the world.

– Laurent was then hired by Wood Plc, one of the largest engineering firms worldwide specialized in the energy sector. Under strong pressure to diversify their activities largely focused on offshore Oil & Gas engineering, Laurent occupied a dual role within the French office: Business Developer and Technology Manager. After a market study and based on the existing skillset of the team, he started two new business streams: offshore renewables engineering and asset integrity management. After 18 months these two businesses represented 70% of the office’s revenue and occupied a team of 7 people.

– Having witnessed firsthand (and suffered from…) how industrial facilities in the energy and chemicals sectors were starting to be left behind in terms of digital transformation, Laurent decided to join the leading software vendor Dassault Systèmes. As Technical Director of the Energy & Materials division, Laurent was in charge of leading the development of Enterprise solutions for major players in the Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Chemical industries. Combining the disruptive vision and capabilities of the software with the daily reality of engineers and field operators was an exciting challenge.

– Willing to maximize his impact and having developed a strong view of what tomorrow could and should look like for large industrial facilities, Laurent decided to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. He joined the Tech accelerator “Entrepreneur First” where he met Shivani and together they founded SAMP.

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Laurent Bourgouin (CEO)

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