The Industrial Metaverse Makers Moved !

Remember? Samp makes it possible to virtually share the REAL state of industrial facilities, down to equipment & systems intelligence. Within days! Some of our clients like it so much that they call it the industrial metaverse! ????

The Industrial Metaverse Makers Moved !

This month, we joined RaiseLab, a vibrant ecosystem powered by Schoolab and RAISE.

RaiseLab focuses on fostering alliances between startups and large corporates. Beyond amazing offices in the center of Paris, RaiseLab provides operational support for fast growing startups.

The Industrial Metaverse Makers Moved !

In-depth analysis of the startups ecosystem, including the yearly “David with Goliath” study by RAISE and Bain & Company, shows that it is during the operational phases of collaborations that projects tend to run out of steam and compromise their chances of success.

To ensure the success of projects and to industrialize them on a large scale, RaiseLab provides innovative methodologies to entrepreneurs, partners and decision makers to scale the business and strategic impact of their joint projects.

The Industrial Metaverse Makers Moved !

Come and meet with us in the République district! Get in touch with Samp!

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