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Front End Developer

In this role, you would be performing development of the front-end and UI/UX. As the users interact with 3D models, it would include working with Web based 3D frameworks and back end services from a responsive UI.

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Senior Full Stack Developer

This role involves designing and implementation of the back-end components of our 3D Digital Twin with a SaaS as an access platform. It also includes implementing the cloud architecture and orchestration of different components.

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Internship in 3D Deep Learning

You will be in charge of implementing and testing algorithms for tasks related to deep learning. These tasks will include Data Collection, 2D-3D computer vision tasks, unsupervised learning and scalability of machine learning algorithms.

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Internship in 3D Computer Vision

You will be in charge of implementing algorithms on 3D datasets. These tasks will include implementing 2D-3D vision tasks, studying and implementing relevant papers and deploying experiments for improving state-of-art on the subject.

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