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Our Story

After her Ph.D., Shivani (now co-founder and CTO) wanted to solve deep technical problems and apply her unique Machine Learning expertise to tackle some of the major societal challenges. Energy was at the top of her list!

Laurent (now co-founder and CEO) had been working for large companies in the energy industry for 15 years, experiencing the major challenges faced by this industry, needing a major shift. Willing to maximize his impact, he decided to embrace an entrepreneurial journey.

Shivani and Laurent met within Entrepreneur First – a “deep tech” accelerator and investment facility that aims to develop new innovations across a range of frontier technologies.

While having a coffee in Station F (in Paris, France), Laurent was expressing his frustration about a simple fact: “we will not succeed in transitioning a to clean energy world if we do not properly manage the upgrade of our existing large industrial facilities! And yet, how can we modify these sites when even operators themselves rely upon incomplete and outdated knowledge of their own plants?!”

After listening to this, Shivani showed to Laurent a couple of videos of very recent developments in Autonomous Cars and Video Games where Machine Learning combined with laser scans could intelligently capture the reality. The expertise acquired during her Ph. D. enables her to transfer this capability to large energy facilities.

It was obvious to both of them that they shared a common excitement: together, they would build a solution to capture from the field an accurate model of facilities and share it with all players to facilitate the modernization of industrial sites. Samp was born!

Since the very beginning, Samp has been supported by several highly selective programs putting us at the very heart of the Deep Tech startups ecosystem in France and providing us with unique resources and mentorship.

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With more than 30 startup programs, 35 public administrations, 100 VC funds, 4 mentorship offices and 600 events per year, STATION F offers all the best resources and knowledge to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. Startups benefit from the community and meet other great entrepreneurs.

By hosting us in Station F, providing extremely valuable guidance and pushing us hard every single day, our partners have been instrumental in launching Samp.

Since September 2021, Samp moved to the next stage of its development, joining the Agoranov deeptech incubator in Paris, home of several unicorns and IPOs. 


Agoranov was founded in 2000 by the Ecole Normale Supérieure, ParisTech, Paris Dauphine University, Sorbonne University and Inria.

Each year, about 30 startups in the fields of deep tech, industry, digital and health enter incubation for a period of 24 months.



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In June 2022, Samp joined RaiseLab, a vibrant ecosystem powered by Schoolab and RAISE. RaiseLab focuses on fostering alliances between startups and large corporates. Beyond amazing offices in the center of Paris, RaiseLab provides operational support for fast growing startups.


In-depth analysis of the startups ecosystem, including the yearly “David with Goliath” study by RAISE and Bain & Company, shows that it is during the operational phases of collaborations that projects tend to run out of steam and compromise their chances of success.
To ensure the success of projects and to industrialize them on a large scale, RaiseLab provides innovative methodologies to entrepreneurs, partners and decision makers to scale the business and strategic impact of their joint projects.

Transforming the way all stakeholders collaborate around large facilities cannot be done by a few players in isolation. This is why, at Samp, we are constantly seeking new partnerships that could accelerate our journey.

We are currently investigating opportunities to partner up with the following types of companies:

  • Laser scan surveyors with a strong track-record in industrial sites
  • Innovative reality capture technology providers

If your company is willing to collaborate with Samp in an exciting journey towards the democratization of Digital Twins for the industry, please get in touch with us.

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