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Our Mission

At Samp, we believe in AI-empowered industrial facilities adapting efficiently to the sustainability imperative. Environmental impact, safety and the increasing scarcity of field workers are putting industrial sites under unprecedented pressure to transform fast. Every day counts! Samp uses patented Artificial Intelligence as the digital catalyst that enables facilities to transform 10x faster.

Samp reduces to a few days – instead of months – the time needed to prepare, execute and capture any modification on site. With Samp, all teams collaborate seamlessly around the same Shared Reality, consolidating all technical documentation around an always up-to-date 3D scan of equipment and systems. Our next generation Asset Management solution enables:

  • safer and faster maintenance and modernisation,
  • efficient handover between engineering and operations,
  • full visibility over all your assets.

Our Values Our values

Our Story

Samp’s history started back in 2019 when Shivani Shah (CTO)  and Laurent Bourgouin (CEO) had a coffee at the world’s biggest Startup campus STATION F as part of the Entrepreneur First program. 

After 15 years spent in the Water & Energy industry, witnessing and suffering from the technical debt accumulated over the years by these industrial facilities, Laurent had decided it was time to do his part. Every day counts in dealing with the environmental urgency!

Freshly graduated from her PhD at the French Nuclear Research Agency (CEA), Shivani Shah had a unique tech in her hands and amazing skills in State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence applied to very big data. She was now looking for a real-life problem to apply it to, with a strong desire to have a positive impact on the world.

And then it happened: the AHA MOMENT!!!

Shivani and Laurent met to discuss their visions. Laurent told everything he knew about how aging industrial facilities are struggling with their technical data and documentation, preventing them from accelerating their transformation. Shivani demoed the huge potential of development in the latest AI Research and how it could be applied.

It was obvious: there was a perfect match between a “hair-on-fire problem” and an amazing DeepTech to solve it! The common vision was born: Automatically generating a fully intelligent 3D virtual replica of Industrial sites from a simple 3D scan!

What was only a dream and a vision 4 years ago, is now a reality: an amazing AI-powered solution deployed on several dozens of sites across Europe with major customers!

Samp est née de la rencontre de Laurent Bourgouin et de Shivani Shah chez Entrepreneur First.

Our clients

Our partners Station F

The world's
biggest startup campus

Station F logo

Since the very beginning, Samp has been supported by several highly selective programs putting us at the very heart of the Deep Tech startups ecosystem in France and providing us with unique resources and mentorship.

By hosting us in Station F, providing extremely valuable guidance and pushing us hard every single day, our partners have been instrumental in launching Samp.

With more than 30 startup programs, 35 public administrations, 100 VC funds, 4 mentorship offices and 600 events per year, STATION F offers all the best resources and knowledge to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. Startups benefit from the community and meet other great entrepreneurs. The Agoranov company

The Science & Tech Incubator in Paris

Agoranov logo

Agoranov was founded in 2000 by the Ecole Normale Supérieure, ParisTech, Paris Dauphine University, Sorbonne University and Inria.

Each year, about 30 startups in the fields of deep tech, industry, digital and health enter incubation for a period of 24 months.




In September 2021, Samp moved to the next stage of its development, joining the Agoranov deeptech incubator in Paris, home of several unicorns and IPOs. The Raise Lab

Smarter Alliances Tangible Results

Raise Lab logo

In-depth analysis of the startups ecosystem, including the yearly “David with Goliath” study by RAISE and Bain & Company, shows that it is during the operational phases of collaborations that projects tend to run out of steam and compromise their chances of success.

To ensure the success of projects and to industrialize them on a large scale, RaiseLab provides innovative methodologies to entrepreneurs, partners and decision makers to scale the business and strategic impact of their joint projects.

In June 2022, Samp joined RaiseLab, a vibrant ecosystem powered by Schoolab and RAISE. RaiseLab focuses on fostering alliances between startups and large corporates. Beyond amazing offices in the center of Paris, RaiseLab provides operational support for fast growing startups.
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Thomas Grand (COO)

What can you expect
from a demo with SAMP?

Scanning Services

Extend the reach of your scanning services by delivering your scanning campaigns on a purely web-based portal, designed from the ground up for the industry. Leverage your surveying and topographic expertise to consolidate valuable field data into a single viewer: maps, aerial and drone orthophotos, laser scans, photogrammetry or videogrammetry, and georadar can now be securely viewed, updated and shared in one place.

Engineering services, EPC

Upscale the value of your engineering services offering by delivering digital twin as a service, powered by your qualified staff. Improve customer retention with longer-term contracts that ensure continuous synchronization of technical documentation with the as-built facility. Accelerate or automate the production of technical deliverables when working on brownfield projects with little or no existing input information.


When preparing a quote for operating a facility on behalf of the owner, be sure to maximize that short window of time by taking advantage of as much technical information as possible. Turn your initial site visit into a unique opportunity to capture the current condition of the facility. Make a bid that will beat the competition with an already operational digital twin, while giving you increased confidence in your future service contract margins.


Whether you manage a single plant or a fleet of sites, whether your facilities are on-shore or off-shore, we can help you build and maintain a twin within days. Major milestones in a plant’s lifecycle, such as handover from EPC to operator, change of ownership, revamping or decommissioning, provide an opportunity to implement a safer and more efficient way of working with your extended teams, regardless of the quality of your technical data.