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Steering Committee

Laurent Bourgouin - CEO at Samp.ai

Laurent Bourgouin

CEO & Co-founder

PhD and over 15 years of experience in the energy industry. Laurent has occupied several key roles within various large organizations, like ENGIE and Wood Plc, before becoming Technical Director for Dassault Systèmes.

Shivani Shah - The CTO at Samp.ai

Shivani Shah

CTO & Co-founder

Masters Degree from Grenoble INP and a PhD from CEA Saclay. Shivani’s research focuses on Unsupervised Machine Learning for Large Datasets. She has extensive experience with Graphs for solving Machine Learning tasks on several types of datasets.

Thomas Grand - The COO at Samp.ai

Thomas Grand

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas has over 20 years’ experience in the process & energy industries, increasing sustainability and business value by leveraging digital systems and software. He applies systems thinking and Ockham’s razor principle on a daily basis, to keep operations on track.

Guillaume Delarue - VP Engineering at Samp.ai

Guillaume Delarue

VP Engineering

Former co-founder and CTO of HomeByMe (acquired by Dassault Systèmes), Guillaume combines world-class expertise in web 3D (8 patents filed) with 25 years of experience in managing large product & development teams.

Stéphane Evanno - Chief Strategy & Development Officer​ of Samp.ai

Stéphane Evanno

Chief Strategy & Development Officer

Former co-founder & COO of Stanley Robotics after 20 years with the Bosch group in various sales/innovation executive positions. Stéphane is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, a lover of industrial deeptech and a seasoned expert in growing businesses to global scale.


Dmitry Anisimov Geometry Engineer​ at Samp.ai

Dmitry Anisimov

Geometry Engineer
Nachwa Bakr, PhD - Machine Learning Lead​ at Samp.ai

Nachwa Bakr, PhD

Machine Learning Lead
Logan Decouture - The Data Technician​ at Samp.ai

Logan Decouture

Data Technician
Elias Dib - Tech Lead at Samp.ai

Elias Dib

Tech Lead
Veselin Doychinov - Machine Learning Engineer​ at Samp.ai

Veselin Doychinov

Machine Learning Engineer
Sébastien Duboc - Fullstack Developer​ at Samp.ai

Sébastien Duboc

Fullstack Developer
Ana Gambashidze - Business Development and Marketing Manager at Samp.ai

Ana Gambashidze

Business Development and Marketing Manager
Raphael Gawiec - Data Technician​ at Samp.ai

Raphaël Gawiec

Data Technician
Ana Hoang - Marketing Assistant at Samp.ai

Ana Hoang

Marketing Assistant
Valentin Jollet - Customer Success Manager at Samp.ai

Valentin Jollet

Customer Success Manager
Lorenzo Kerbrat - Fullstack Developer​ at Samp.ai

Lorenzo Kerbrat

Fullstack Developer
Léonard Marsault - Machine Learning Engineer​ at Samp.ai

Léonard Marsault

Machine Learning Engineer
Alexandre Pierson - Senior Developer​ at Samp.ai

Alexandre Pierson

Senior Developer
Vincent Poilvert - Cloud Solution Architect​ at Samp.ai

Vincent Poilvert

Cloud Solution Architect
Nikola Primetica - Customer Success Manager​ at Samp.ai

Nikola Primetica

Customer Success Manager
Pablo Sanchez - Graph Mapping Engineer​ at Samp.ai

Pablo Sánchez

Graph Mapping Engineer
Jackson Sunny - 3D Computer Vision Intern at Samp.ai

Jackson Sunny

3D Computer Vision Intern
Chayan Toufan Tabrizi - AI Industrialisation Engineer​ at Samp.ai

Chayan Toufan Tabrizi

AI Industrialisation Engineer
Armand Zampieri - Ph.D. Student​ Samp.ai

Armand Zampieri

Ph.D. Student


Loïc Landrieu - Scientific Advisor​ at Samp.ai

Loic Landrieu

Scientific Advisor

Loic is an academic expert in large-scale remote sensing applications such as the semantization of LiDAR point clouds. Loic holds an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique and a Ph.D. from ENS.

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Thomas Grand (COO)

What can you expect
from a demo with SAMP?

Scanning Services

Extend the reach of your scanning services by delivering your scanning campaigns on a purely web-based portal, designed from the ground up for the industry. Leverage your surveying and topographic expertise to consolidate valuable field data into a single viewer: maps, aerial and drone orthophotos, laser scans, photogrammetry or videogrammetry, and georadar can now be securely viewed, updated and shared in one place.

Engineering services, EPC

Upscale the value of your engineering services offering by delivering digital twin as a service, powered by your qualified staff. Improve customer retention with longer-term contracts that ensure continuous synchronization of technical documentation with the as-built facility. Accelerate or automate the production of technical deliverables when working on brownfield projects with little or no existing input information.


When preparing a quote for operating a facility on behalf of the owner, be sure to maximize that short window of time by taking advantage of as much technical information as possible. Turn your initial site visit into a unique opportunity to capture the current condition of the facility. Make a bid that will beat the competition with an already operational digital twin, while giving you increased confidence in your future service contract margins.


Whether you manage a single plant or a fleet of sites, whether your facilities are on-shore or off-shore, we can help you build and maintain a twin within days. Major milestones in a plant’s lifecycle, such as handover from EPC to operator, change of ownership, revamping or decommissioning, provide an opportunity to implement a safer and more efficient way of working with your extended teams, regardless of the quality of your technical data.