Replay: Samp @ David avec Goliath 2022

Convinced that alliances between start-ups and large groups are the way of the future, RAISE and Bain & Company France created the David with Goliath initiative in 2015. The objective: to promote the development of alliances between large and young companies in order to support the growth of startups and to create bridges between these two worlds.

By highlighting examples of successful collaborations and good practices, but also through an annual barometer evaluating the state of these alliances and the level of maturity of large groups, David with Goliath shows that cooperation between start-ups and large groups is fruitful for both parties.

Discover the alliance between Samp and Storengy, finalist of the 2022 edition of David and Goliath (video is in French, also available with automatic English subtitles here:


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